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History 103

Taught every other year (see schedule and costs).

Grades 9-12. Exploring the principles of the rise of western civilization from the fall of Rome to 1650 with an emphasis on principles of civilization and the application of biblical principles to Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation history.

Student receives 3 credits: Theology, Western Civilization., and English Literature** plus ½ Credit in Art History. Recommended for Sophomores-Seniors.

The course uses the appropriate chapters from the text. The class time involves interacting with material from the textbook and lectures on principles of civilization from a Christian perspective and their application to western society.

History 103 class meets in two 1 ½ hour sessions a week, September-May every other year.

This course is part of the Gods Tapestry

Bible (Theology) Western Civilization, Medieval/Renaissance period; English Literature and a Credit in Art History.

Because of the more difficult and abstract reading material this is recommended for upper level students.

Teacher: Byron Clark. For a complete list of our teachers and their biographies click here.

Textbook: Civilization by Kenneth Clark, published by Harper Perennial, 1969, which is checked out to the student at the beginning of the school year and returned at the end with no cost.

Literature materials may be found in the public library and new or used bookstores and sometimes as an online download.


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