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History 101

A one year literature based overview of world history and geography.

7th-12th Grades

Do your kids ever have the problem of putting Moses and Paul in the same time period? Can they put them into the correct century? If you asked them what was going on in the 4th century b.c. could they come up with something? Do they know anything about Alexander the Great or Cyrus the Great? Would they know Julius Caesar from Pope Julius II? Can they think their way through the epochs of history? Do they have a hard time figuring out how biblical characters fit with the secular characters of history?

The Quick Tour of World History uses mnemonic devices to make the Timeline of history easier to learn. They will also receive information about 500 of the most important people in history and be able to place them in their own time. By the end of the year they will have a feel for the flow of history– both secular and sacred– and be ready for more advanced courses in Western Civilization and Christian world view.

Apart from the Timeline learning the Quick Tour is a one year overview of world history through a home-based reading program using a few of the best pieces of world literature and lots of interesting historical fiction, some of which the student may choose, in order to get a good feel for the epochs of history.

In addition he or she will cover the world geography of every country of the world and learn how to find the countries on the globe using a well designed geography coloring book used in schools and even colleges around the nation. They will also learn facts of special interest about the countries and find out what Christian missions or other Christian work is going on there. We will also spend time praying for key countries of the world!

This may be the perfect transition class for your 13 to 15 year old or may beef up the basic history and geography knowledge of your older children. Class time will focus on time line, people, places and events of history and reviewing the geography lessons of the week.

This course is part of the God’s Tapestry Multi-Credit curriculum and student receives 3 credits: World History, English Literature and Geography.

Highly recommended as the first history class.

Time: This class meets in two 1 -hour sessions a week. See Schedules & Costs below for dates, time, and costs for the current year.

Required Geography workbook under $20. The Geography Coloring Book, Third Edition by Wynn Kapit, Prentice Hall. Needed by each student (including one for each member of the same family in the class).

Teacher: Byron Clark.  For a complete list of our teachers and their biographies click here.

Literature materials may be found in the public library and new or used book stores.

See Schedules & Costs for dates, time, and costs for the current year.



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