11th –12th Grade

My goal while homeschooling my children was to teach them how to learn and hopefully to love learning.  I have a similar goal for my science classes.  The material is rigorous and will prepare them for college level work, but the process will also teach them to think and problem solve. 

In addition to science specifics, students will learn:

Supplies needed for all science classes:

“All science is either physics or stamp collecting.” Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Prize, Chemistry

The study of physics is the study of how everything in the universe interacts with everything else.  This course is rigorous, includes 34 experiments and will explore motion (velocity, acceleration, vectors), Newton’s First and Second Law, work, energy, waves, electricity and magnetism.  Class time will include watching and taking notes on lectures produced by Apologia, performing and writing up labs, and occasional quizzes and tests.



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